Thursday, 18 October 2012

360imagery Create Another 360 Virtual Tour For 360 Play in Stevenage

Virtual Tour of 360 Play in Stevenage by 360imagery

At 360imagery we are being commissioned by an increasing number of different business sectors to create our fantastic virtual tours, as stunning visual marketing aids to websites. More and more clients are recognising the impact and potential new business and interest one of our tours can generate. A fun area we are being asked to do more and more work in is for children's play and activity centres. A 360imagery virtual tour is the perfect way to make such a website both informative for the parents, and interactive and appealing to the children of potential clients.

We recently produced our second commission for 360 Play in Stevenage - take a look for yourself by either clicking here (standard Flash version) or on the post image above. (If you are viewing this on an idevice - e.g. iPad, iPhone etc - please click here for the iOS version).

The tour is navigated by both a 'virtual walk' following our floating arrows, or simply by thumbnails. At 360imagery we specialise in bespoke design of all our work and both the quality and attention to detail of every project is of the highest priority. Every element of your project is undertaken in house, from initial discussions to photography and publishing of the end result. We have complete control of your work at every stage and can therefore incorporate and create just about anything you want. In this example, note the kid-friendly feel enhanced by the child-like text used throughout the graphic user interface (GUI). We are also often asked to incorporate background music or fun 'pop ups' with information text or photos.

Our client, 360 Play, have been delighted with all the work we have completed for them. This is what they have to say......

"We first came across Stuart and 360imagery a few years ago at a trade show, we decided to try the product and have never looked back since. The service we have received has been friendly, proactive and second to none. The ability to show potential customers our product before they arrive is fantastic and now forms a key part of our brand image and web marketing. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. Keep up the good work!!"
Adam Skinner | Group Operations Manager
360 Play

"360imagery provided us with a fast and efficient service delivering excellent quality images for promotion on our website"
Duncan Phillips | Managing Director
360 Play

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another Stunning Virtual 360 Tour for Crest Nicholson by 360imagery

Virtual Tour of The Stern at Sixty8 Development for Crest Nicholson by 360imagery

Check out the previous Blog about The Starboard at Sixty8 to see why 360imagery have been creating stunning 360 virtual tours for Crest Nicholson since 2008. Here's another example from this same development - either click here or on the post image above to view.

As a valued repeat client, this is what Crest Nicholson have to say about our work for them......

“We have been working with 360imagery for our virtual tours for some time now and would not look anywhere else. From clear transparent pricing of quotes, to a highly professional finished piece, Stuart turns around our work in a most professional, timely and efficient way. He goes the extra mile to ensure our clients have everything they need. Our clients are happy with a finished result that really works for them to showcase their homes. And for us, a happy client means we are happy too! I’d happily recommend Stuart to anyone looking for professional virtual tours.”

Look out on our Blog for more stunning virtual tours from stunning locations for Crest Nicholson.....

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Fantastic 360 Virtual Tour for Crest Nicholson

Virtual Tour of The Starboard at Sixty8 Development in Portishead by 360imagery

360imagery have been creating stunning 360 virtual tours for Crest Nicholson since 2008. As one of the largest house builders in the UK, they create a wide variety of fantastic developments and obviously want to market each one at its best - which is why they come to us!

Each development that Crest Nicholson create is completely unique, with its own identity and branding. They approached 360imagery as we are the specialists in bespoke designing every element of our work - no cheap, 'off the shelf' package products - each tour incorporates the unique branding for that particular development, and highlights the individual features and selling points of each property/site. At 360imagery we keep all of our work in house - from the initial photography through to the final tour - which means we have complete control of your project, and will only ever create & publish the very best quality end result. Another benefit to keeping everything in house is that our prices remain highly competitive.

Take a look for yourself at this recent 360 virtual tour of 'The Starboard' within Crest Nicholsons Sixty8 development, by either clicking here, or on the post image above. Sixty8 combines 60 one & two bed apartments with 8 exclusive 2 bed penthouses, all set along the picturesque dockside of the Marina in Portishead. Whilst this is a fairly straightforward commission for us in terms of interactivity with the thumbnails etc, it really is worth noting the High Dynamic Range Photography employed throughout. If you're not a 'techie', this basically means you even out the exposure between the bright highlights of outdoors and the relatively lowlights of indoors - in other words, you won't get glaring 'blown out' windows, instead you get a perfect image looking inwards or outwards through windows etc. Check out the lounge and balcony scenes to see what we mean. Whilst at a glance a tour from 2 different virtual tour companies may appear similar, it's at this level of quality and detail where they'll probably differ. We pride ourselves on our quality and will only ever use High Dynamic Range Photography as standard (included in the price) - most other companies will charge extra for this level of detail.

It's great for us when we get consistent repeat business from a client, it means they're happy and we're getting it right - good news for potential clients too as they can have 100% confidence and reassurance in a company or technology they are not familiar with. Take a look at our client page on our website by clicking here to see just how much repeat business we get!

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Monday, 1 October 2012

360imagery Virtual Tour of Park Leisure Club for Soll Leisure

Virtual Tour of Park Leisure Club in Abingdon, Oxfordshire by 360imagery

360imagery were recently commissioned to create one of their stunning, bespoke virtual tours of The Park Leisure Club in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. This was our first piece of work for the client, Soll Leisure, but they immediately commissioned us to create tours for their other leisure centres as they were so impressed with the quality of the end result.

Take a look for yourself by either clicking here, or on the post image above. In this case, the client specified a simple tour, navigated by thumbnails alone, that would really show off the wealth of fantastic gym equipment and space they have to offer. It provides a spectacular visual marketing aid for their website, enabling potential clients to 'visit' and take a look around before joining.

A 360imagery virtual tour can bring alive any website, to whatever level of interactivity you feel is required to help sell, rent or market your location or building. Although this is a relatively straightforward example, we can include just about anything you want, such as information 'pop up' boxes with text or photos, navigational arrows to take a virtual walk, architectural maps/plans, music etc. Take a look at our Portfolio Page on our website, by clicking here, to see the range of work we do and to get some ideas for your own project.

360imagery are one of the leading providers of bespoke virtual tours in the UK. Please visit our website at to see how we can help bring your project to life.