Monday, 17 February 2014

360imagery virtual tours for Pricewaterhouse Coopers
 360imagery virtual tour of Tiger Court

2013 was a busy year for 360imagery.....another new client that we were delighted to be working with was PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).  PwC is the world's second largest professional services firm with offices in 776 cities across 159 countries with revenues, in 2012, of $14.9 billion.

The client wanted to run a competition to link their office park in Liverpool, Tiger Court, with the proximity of Knowsley Safari Park,  – so devised a ‘find the tiger’ campaign. They came up with the original idea of using life-sized stuffed tigers throughout the tour, to encourage viewers to take a thorough walk about the buildings in their hunt for the animals! As part of their marketing campaign the virtual tour was then emailed to all Chartered Surveyors in the North West region, receiving a fantastic response. The prize up for grabs to the lucky winner who spotted all the hidden tigers was a year long free pass to the nearby Safari Park. Check out the tour by either clicking on the image above, or here - and remember to look out for tigers! (The number of hidden tigers is at the bottom of this post, in case you fancy a go).

The virtual tour is composed of 6 scenes, 2 of which are our trade-mark aerial mast panoramas taken from 8 metres. This uses a special technique we developed in house, and it is perfect for giving that wow factor opening shot to a tour. The viewer is guided by navigational arrows within the scenes, or by clicking on the 'next' & 'back' buttons to view each scene. There is also an interactive site plan.

PwC were delighted with our work and the boost a 360imagery virtual tour gave to their marketing campaign - and we are very pleased to say that we have since been commissioned again by PwC to create more bespoke tours. So watch this space....

This work is a great example of how bespoke we are - we design every element in house and love to be asked to do something a little bit different - who wouldn't want to spend their day with a life-sized stuffed animal?!

360imagery are one of the leading bespoke virtual tour companies in the UK. We'd love to discuss your project with you - give us a call on 0845 8726442 or visit our website at - we have a wealth of ideas and experience to help you.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Some exciting work with a brand new client for 360imagery
360imagery virtual tour of Greenwood Academy in Nottingham

We are very excited to be working with Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust, a new client for 360imagery in 2013. This Trust operates 23 Academies throughout the country - check out their website for more information about what they do                 

We've created virtual tours of all sorts of places of learning - from Day Nurseries to Schools, Colleges and Universities to Museums. Our tours are viewed worldwide through the web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving the client a broader audience to attract new students and visitors as an on line prospectus. We are being asked to work more and more often in this sector as the potential of a 360imagery virtual tour as a highly effective marketing tool is increasingly being recognised. In fact, we've now dedicated a whole section on our portfolio page on our website to Education, to include universities, schools and colleges. Check out our Portfolio Page by clicking here.

Our work with the client began in 2013 with a bespoke virtual tour of Skegness Academy. The Trust were so impressed with the quality of our work, we were soon commissioned to complete similar tours for a further 7 academies in 2013, with another 5 booked in for this year - and it's only February!

To us, the tours may only be our usual 'standard' work of bespoke graphic design, high-definition photography optimised to run at full screen......but to the client, the tours emphasise the passion and dedication that goes to running each Academy.

To view Greenwood Academy in Nottingham either click here, or on the post image above. Check out the opening mast scene on this tour, the photography taken at 8m high using our special technique devised in house. Useful information text boxes appear throughout the tour to inform and educate the viewer, whilst thumbnails and, in some tours, navigation arrows lead the viewer around the Academy. The tours really are like an 'on line' prospectus, showcasing the school at its best, in a really interactive way. It also reaches audiences worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - through our tours Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust see the power of the internet as an invaluable marketing medium......!

All of our work is published in Flash and HTML5 to work on PCs, Apple handheld devices & the majority of Android devices.
All of our work is designed to the exact brief of the client and because we do every element ourselves, we can incorporate just about anything you want into a tour. In over 7 years of trading, we have created in the region of 1,000 commissioned 360 virtual tours and so have a wealth of experience & ideas to help you with your own project.
360imagery are one of the leading virtual tour companies in the UK. We'd love to hear from you and chat about thoughts you may have for your own project. Just give us a call on 0845 8726442 or visit us at

More 360imagery virtual tours for Crest Nicholson

360imagery have been busy creating more 360 virtual tours for Crest Nicholson - this time a trip to Taunton, Somerset.

Firepool Lock is a development of 240 homes with a mix of apartments, houses and an exclusive collection of impressive waterfront villas. What better way to show off and market these beautiful homes than a stunning 360imagery virtual tour?!

Take a look for yourself at the Fitzrovia, a 4 bedroom, 3 storey town house, by either clicking here or on the image below....
Virtual tour of the Fitzrovia town house
To view the Westhorpe, a 2 bedroom apartment, click here or on the image below...
Virtual tour of the Westhorpe apartment
With all of our work for Crest Nicholson we create simple, clean, crisp Graphic User Interfaces designed around each individual development we are working on. The end result then blends seamlessly into the existing website for that particular development. To see for yourself how well this works click here - our virtual tour is within the gallery at the bottom of the page.
Check out the 'pop up' CGI images of the building externals that we have incorporated into the tours. At 360imagery we bespoke design every element of our work which means we can include just about anything you want in your tour. We also undertake all of the photography and processing ourselves and take great pride in creating the best end results. You won't see us, or any of our photographic equipment, in mirror reflections or windows - unlike some of our competitors. We take great care when shooting our virtual tours.
All 360imagery tours are published in Flash and HTML5 for viewing on Apple hand held devices, PCs, smart phones etc.
Watch this space for more Crest Nicholson tours....... in the meantime, why not give us a call to chat about your ideas for your own project - bring your website alive! We have a wealth of experience and ideas to help you.
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