Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Stunning 360imagery Virtual Tour of 199 Bishopsgate, EC2 London

360imagery Virtual Tour of 199 Bishopsgate, EC2 London

As Chartered Surveyors, with 15 years experience in the industry, 360imagery were really excited to be commissioned earlier in the year by one of the largest property development and investment companies in the UK. A new client for us, British Land approached 360imagery having been aware of our services for sometime, impressed by our commercial property work, experience and existing clients. The commission was to create a highly interactive 360 virtual tour of 199 Bishopsgate, a 146,000sq ft Grade A office building within one of the world's most prestigious office locations, Broadgate.

Take a look for yourself at the stunning end result by either clicking here or on the post image above. British Land wanted the 360imagery virtual tour to fit seamlessly into their exiting website and so we were happy to design it all around their fonts, style and graphic design. Visit to see how effectively it blends into their homepage and how it works with the whole site.

We begin our tour with a stunning 8m high opening shot, using a specialist technique designed 'in house'. This is a great way to get that initial impact scene that will make potential clients want to see and explore more. You are guided around by navigational arrows, enabling visitors to the website to take a virtual walk throughout the building at their leisure. British land wanted a highly interactive tour so we incorporated interactive floor plans (to scale), location maps, information 'pop ups' of tube stations, road names etc., the agent contact details and also the ability to download the pdf brochure directly from the 360 tour.

360imagery take great pride in bespoke designing all of our work, using only high dynamic range photography, and combining the very latest photographic and computer technologies to create stunning end results. We publish all of our work in both Flash and HTML5, to work on PCs, apple handheld devices and the majority of android devices. Take a look at some of our other work by visiting our portfolio page on our website.

British Land were delighted with our work and signed it off immediately, with no amends necessary. At the client's request, we were also able to turn around the job within 3 working days, despite it being a large, 15 scene tour.

We are also chuffed to report that after completing our work on 199 Bishopsgate, we were approached by The British Architects Journal wanting to feature the 360imagery virtual tour in their publication.

360imagery are one of the leading 360 virtual tour companies in the UK. For more information, or just a friendly chat about how we can help you and your project, just give us a call on 0845 8726442 or visit our website

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Virtual Walk Through Barnsley Hospital Maternity Unit by 360imagery

 Virtual Tour of Barnsley NHS Trust Maternity Unit by 360imagery
With our background as Chartered Surveyors, 360imagery is well established as the specialist in creating bespoke, 360 virtual tours for the commercial and residential property sectors. For the last 5 years we have produced many stunning tours and are proud to have worked with many of the big names in this field, gaining much repeat business (which speaks for itself).
At 360imagery we also love it when we get asked to do something a bit different - check out our Portfolio Page to see the range of other work we have been commissioned to do.........zoos, aquariums, gyms, play centres, even cars and helicopters - the list goes on! So we were very excited when we were approached by staff from Barnsley NHS Trust at a recent trade show. The fantastic interactive tour we had running on our stand caught their eye and they explained that they were just about to commission a standard video of their Maternity Unit. The idea was that 'mums to be' would have the opportunity to view and feel familiar with the department ready for the big day.
Impressed by the quality of our work and the idea of taking an interactive walk through the whole Maternity Unit, we began discussions together about really bringing their project to life. At 360imagery every element of a tour is bespoke designed, from incorporating logos & colours to using navigation arrows, information text & image pop-up hot spots - just about anything is possible.
Barnsley NHS Trust realised that a 360imagery Virtual Tour would offer so much more to 'mums to be' than a standard video, and would be a lot more cost effective. Another benefit that appealed to the client was that unlike a standard video, which quickly becomes dated, a 360imagery tour could at any point in the future be revamped in parts i.e. if they had any renovations or improvements to any existing rooms. In fact, since completing our work we have been back and done some new photography of an area they renovated since our original work.
Barnsley NHS Trust recognised that they were on to a double winner....... the quality, interactivity, bespoke design of a 360imagery Virtual Tour (no cheap, 'off the shelf' tour package offered by others) and all at a very competitive price compared to other providers. The client has since told us that our quote was also less than half the price of the standard 4 minute video they had originally been considering! A very happy client and we were obviously delighted to win the commission.

So, was the client pleased with the end result?......Here's what they had to say...
What a great service! This was a new venture for us as a Maternity Unit and Stuart was professional and efficient, listening to our needs and delivering an excellent virtual tour for the women and families who use our Maternity services. We have had some great feedback. Thank you.”

All of our tours are created to be viewed in both Flash and HTML5 (for viewing on PCs & handheld Apple devices). To view the tour for yourself simply click here or on the post image above.

Whatever your project, you can trust 360imagery to produce the very highest quality full screen virtual tours available. We are one of the leading Virtual Tour companies in the UK and we specialise in bespoke design of every element of our work, which is all undertaken 'in house'. Please either visit our website at or give us a call on 0845 8726442 to chat about ideas for your own project