Thursday, 12 September 2013

360imagery Virtual Tour of Iconic Building in Liverpool UK

360imagery Virtual Tour of The Royal Liver Building in Liverpool
Here at 360imagery, we were really excited to win the tender to create a 360 virtual tour of The Royal Liver Building in Liverpool. The building is owned by Royal London Asset Management, a UK-based investment company with assets under management of more than £47 billion. The marketing agency based in Liverpool that represent them is a new client for us, and they were very impressed with the bespoke design, high quality of all our work, and the fact that this was all at a very competitive price.
The Royal Liver Building is one of the most iconic Grade I listed buildings in Liverpool, and one of the city's Three Graces. When built in 1911, it was the tallest building in Europe until 1934, and the tallest in the UK until 1961. We love a challenge!! Stuart's first thought on gaining the commission?..... 'a stunning 360imagery panoramic mast shot from the roof is a must!'. This is a technique that we specialise in, using a system that we designed in-house. We use it in many of our virtual tours as it creates a real 'wow factor' opening scene. As you navigate through the full tour be sure to check out the amazing skyline views of Liverpool, taken using our mast system. We tied in our photography shoot with a visit to Liverpool from HMS Illustrious, which you can clearly see on the Mersey down below. To view the full 360imagery virtual tour of The Royal Liver Building click here, or on the post image above.
All of our photography uses the very latest photographic equipment and technologies, and we will only ever use High Dynamic Range photography techniques, as standard. In a 360imagery piece of work you will never find imbalances between the high and low lights of an image, in other words NO blown out / glaring windows or loss of detail in photos. You only have to compare our end results to those produced using cheap 'off the shelf' packages offered by other companies to see the difference in the attention to detail and quality of the resulting tour.
All of our work is published in Flash and HTML5 to work on PCs, Apple handheld devices & the majority of Android devices.
All of our work is designed to the exact brief of the client and because we do every element ourselves, we can incorporate just about anything you want into a tour. In over 7 years of trading, we have created in the region of 1,000 commissioned 360 virtual tours and so have a wealth of experience & ideas to help you with your own project.
360imagery are one of the leading virtual tour companies in the UK. We'd love to hear from you and chat about thoughts you may have for your own project. Just give us a call on 0845 8726442 or visit us at

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