Thursday, 5 February 2015

Now For Something a Bit Different.........

 A Unique 'Before and After' 360imagery Virtual Tour... 'before and after' Virtual Tour for F & B Facades

At 360imagery, we find ourselves creating 360 virtual tours all sorts of things, especially as more and more people recognise the marketing potential of one of our stunning tours on their website. Check out our Portfolio Page to see some of the more unusual (as well as day-to-day) requests we get - from helicopters, to caravans, to zoos & marine centres, as well some pretty iconic buildings like the Liver Building in Liverpool! It's why we love our job!

This particular client, D & B Facades, wanted a unique 'before and after' 360imagery virtual tour to showcase their over-cladding work. D & B Facades are one of the UK's leading design and build over-cladding specialists. This technique dramatically transforms an old looking, tired building ( in this case a 1960's concrete college building) into something modern and new - at a fraction of the cost of a new build. 

The idea of the project was to have one virtual tour where, as the scene moves round, the image gradually transforms from the old to the new, right in front of the viewer's eyes. It's a fantastic way to give the end resulting building a massive impact, and it could work for any development or refurbishment project.

Let's just show you the end result and you'll see what we mean! Either click here, or on the post image above. Go on, have a play....!

360imagery were on site before any works commenced, to capture the 'before' photography. To create a really stunning impact to the whole scene we shot the single 360-degree panorama from 8 metres in the air. Then, 12 months and a 'touch' of over-cladding later, we returned to site and shot a further panorama from the exact same position. Back at the office, Stuart set to work stitching the images together to create a seamless transition between the 'before' and 'after' panoramas. The client was delighted with the end result and as you can see by clicking here, it blends perfectly into their existing website and really gives it some life.

To optimise the benefits of the interactivity of a virtual tour, over any other marketing medium, we also incorporated text slides within the tour to provide information about the works carried out. We can incorporate just about anything you want to make the tour as interactive as possible, such as navigational arrows, pop-up information text boxes or stills photography, as well as background music and links to other marketing brochures etc. At 360imagery, every element of your project is bespoke designed and we like to make it our challenge to provide whatever the client wants - we haven't failed yet!

360imagery are one of the leading virtual tour companies in the UK. Whatever your virtual tour requirements may be, we have the experience and know-how to create something quite special. We'd love to hear from you and chat about thoughts you may have for your own project - just give us a call on 0845 8726442 or visit our website

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