Thursday, 30 August 2012

Virtual Tour of Folly Farm & Zoo, Pembrokeshire by 360imagery

Virtual Tour of Folly Farm & Zoo by 360imagery
360imagery were recently commissioned by Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo to create one of their stunning virtual tours for the popular attraction in Pembrokeshire. In fact, it is the top paid-for visitor attraction in Wales and winner of the 'Best Family Day Out in Pembrokeshire' Award.
As well as having its own zoo (complete with the only giraffes in Wales!), outdoor & indoor adventure playgrounds and plenty of other things to see and do, Folly Farm also houses the largest collection of vintage fairground rides in Europe. Their impressive collection includes Chair-o-planes, Dodgems, Helter Skelters, Golden Gallopers and many more.
Folly Farm were keen that for such a fantastic, unique attraction they needed a similarly unique and individual marketing aid that would really show off what they have to offer, at its best. That's why they came to us! At 360imagery we specialise in creating stunning, bespoke and interactive virtual tours, and we love the challenge of doing something a bit different.
Just take a look at the end result, by either clicking here or on the post image above.
Hope you have a head for heights because we start our tour at 25 metres on the Pembrokeshire Big Wheel, the tallest in Wales! It provided the perfect opportunity for a stunning 360 degree panorama for the opening scene, with the Folly Farm 'jingle' integrated to play in the background. For some true barrel organ music check out the thumbnails that take you to the vintage rides - here, we included directional stereo effect music.
Folly Farm wanted visitors to their website to have a truly interactive experience, which I'm sure you'll agree we've achieved! As well as thumbnails we designed the tour with floating navigation arrows which enable you to take a 'virtual walk' around the whole place. There are also site maps with 'hot spots' to take you to various locations, and plenty of pop-up information text boxes.
This is all published in HTML5, as well as standard Flash, for iPhone and iPad viewing.
So, were Folly Farm impressed?........Here's what they had to say........
"We saw 360imagery at a trade exhibition and their work was recommended to us by a fellow zoo.  I was extremely impressed with the speed at which Stuart worked and the cost.  The 360 degree panorama of the view from our Big Wheel has been vital to marketing it by persuading visitors the view is worth seeing.  The Vintage Funfair tour was an ingenious way to show visitors to our website what's inside what is essentially a big farm building.  I would highly recommended the services of 360imagery"
Zoe Wright - Folly Farm
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