Monday, 20 August 2012

Virtual Tour of JustAddH2O at the National Marine Aquarium, UK by 360imagery

Virtual Tour of JustAddH2O at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth by 360imagery

Following the success of the 360imagery virtual tour of the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth UK, we were then commissioned to create a subsequent one for the client.

JustAddH2O is a fantastic education and resource area at the Aquarium, and our 360 virtual tour really promotes what an interactive learning experience it can provide. This is where students can get hands-on and learn 'the science bit' about the marine curriculum.

You can explore the 3 different learning zones by either visiting the National Marine Aquarium website, by clicking here or by clicking on the post image above.

The 1st zone, Aqualab, hosts science shows and various hands-on workshops which you can read more about in our 'pop-up' boxes within the tour. 360imagery 'pop-up' boxes are a really effective way to display product / educational / photos / video or any kind of additional information without cluttering an image. As we bespoke design each element of our work for each individual client we can incorporate just about anything you want!

The 2nd zone, the Vault Room, aims to make learning fun with the aid of various resources and specimens, and the Aqua Vision Studio is the final zone running different media programmes.

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